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Bough Wiffen Outfitters Newfoundland Moose/Bear hunts offer:

- Drive in camp
- Drive in camp - Full 6 day hunts
- Hunting season starts 2nd week of September and ends after 2nd week of October
- Bear tag can be added to your moose hunt for an extra fee
- Hunts are all inclusive which includes guide services, lodging, meals, and tag
- Butchering of meat can be arrange for a nominal fee.

Bough Wiffen Outfitters is located on the Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland, Canada. We offer moose and bear hunts. we have one main lodge and outback camps, we have a stable population of moose. Our success rate for the last four years has been 96%. Our guides are one on one. In the main lodge we have home cooked meals and hot showers. You can hunt by foot, boat, or truck.

Bough Wiffen Outfitters Hunting Lodge and Meals:

Bough Wiffen Outfitters and staff welcome you to come and share in the beauty and adventures. We will do our best to provide you with a great a great adventure! After all, our best advertisement is you! It is worth the trip!

We have one main lodge which provides hot meals, running water and got showers. Each day a hot breakfast is served to start your day and there is a much provided for the hunters daypack. We provide a hunting contract which consist of hunting dates and a deposit fee. All hunts are confirmed once contract is signed and deposit is received.

* All camps are peanut and nut free due to an airborne allergy of an employee.

Bough Wiffen Outfitters References

Weston Ward New Brunswick (506) 260-0264

Chris Bush Pennsylvania (215) 504-2215

Scott Verdon Louisianna (504) 915-5985

Gary Duncan New Brunswick (506) 470-4485

Bough Wiffen Outfitters, Ltd.

16 Harbour Drive
Box 321
Roddickton, NL A0K4P0
(709) 457-2451
Email: NormanPilgrim@nf.sympatico.com

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